Hello and welcome!

Ounama is a small plywood jewelry brand based in Helsinki, Finland. It was born out of love for abstract shapes and patterns combined with different colors. All the products are designed and hand-assembled by me, Annemari, in my home studio. Running my own business is a dream I’ve had for a long time, so opening this webshop in August 2020 was very exciting!

I have always enjoyed making and creating things with my hands, it makes me feel happy and inspired. At the beginning of the year 2020 an iPad arrived in our household, which meant diving into the world of digital drawing with the Procreate app. I quickly began to see my doodles as earring sketches!

For the material I chose wood and birch plywood in particular because it’s durable, ecological, and lightweight material that has a beautiful light surface (although now it’s mostly hidden under the ink :D). Birch is also a very Finnish material: it’s the most common hardwood in Finland. I wanted to be able to source materials locally, so birch plywood fit my plan perfectly.

The plywood I use for the earrings is sustainably sourced top-quality Finnish birch plywood. All the wooden parts are printed and laser cut into shape here in Helsinki just a few kilometers away. The metal parts are made of surgical steel and tested in Finland by the supplier to ensure they don’t contain any lead or cadmium. Surgical steel (also known as stainless steel) is considered hypoallergenic, so Ounama jewelry is safe to wear.

Ounama is all about fun shapes, patterns, and color combinations to brighten up your day. I hope you enjoy wearing these earrings as much as I enjoy making them for you!